The Mentoring Program

The Mentorship Program runs in the groups, every girl is assigned a student-mentor.

The goal of the program is to expose the girls to female role models and equip them with tools that will enable them to reach their full potential, and in the long term-minimizing gender inequality.


Every girl is assigned a student-mentor which is her role model. Every week there’s a two-hour group meeting of two student counselors with eight girls. Part of the time is dedicated to group activity and the rest to personal mentoring. As a part of the group, the participants receive a toolkit that assists them to reach their utmost ability, and simply is the best at everything they choose. While receiving these tools, they will also learn about inspirational women in history.

At the beginning of the program, the participants focus on the main technique- planning ahead. This technique enables them to learn from every failure and success. The girls learn how to set a goal, specify it too aims, build a plan to achieve these aims and to evaluate themselves. 

During the personal mentoring they continue practicing this technique throughout the year. This technique is based on the SMART model of goal setting (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound), and years of experience in the navy and air force. This system helps to identify failure or success as an opportunity to grow and evolve.  

Over the year, the girls get a wide range of tools such as public speaking, decision-making, entrepreneurship, and boundary-breaking. The goal is to strengthen their sense of capability alongside teaching practical skills.


Our pilot program took place in two schools in Jerusalem
in the academic year 2017/18.


In the academic year 2018/19 our program took place 
in five groups in schools in Jerusalem: "Ofarim", Har Homa, Tali Pisgat Ze'ev East, Pisgat Ze'ev West Shalav, seventh grade "Comprehensive Gilo" Gilo and "Gila A" Gila.

In the academic year 2019/20 Our program is taking place in 20 schools in 3 different cities around Israel - Jerusalem, Rehovot and Bat-Yam.